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Finally Grown-Up

This is the decade when costs converge - kids, aging parents, cars, homes, college. 

You may be nearing the peak in your career. Retirement may not be on the radar, or maybe it is. Regardless, retirement (or post primary career for those who never plan to retire) is looming and full of possibilities. 

What does your ideal "retirement" look like? Maybe you don't know, and that's okay!

But, it is time to begin asking questions...

"Will I have enough in savings?"

"When can I retire?"

"What additional sources of income will be needed, if any?"

"What changes should I make now?" 

"Do I need a financial advisor at this stage?"

"Sounds like a lot of work" - says every client ever

"Sounds like a lot of work" - says every client ever

It is. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. And, they're not.

But, it is simple, and I'll be your guide. We'll prioritize into bite-size pieces. Baby steps, shuffling forward. We'll talk, gather information, ask questions.

The end deliverable is a Financial Plan. The roadmap to your next adventure. It's not a document neatly packaged and presented once.

It's an ongoing work-in-process as life happens. We'll refer to it often, you'll know it well. We'll also tackle the 13 Wealth Management Issues.

Tell Me More: 13 Issues Checklist

We'll Adjust the Roadmap as Life Changes.

It's Truly a Partnership. Likeability, Trust. For Life.

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