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Bull & Baird

Author of the Bull & Baird "blog" is Michael Antonelli

Private Wealth Management Market Strategist

Michael joined Baird in 2007

He began writing daily emails to clients in 2010 and posting publicly online in 2013

The rest, they say, is history! Enjoy.  

Twitter: @BullandBaird

June 14 2021

What is the United States Worth?

May 19 2021

You Do You

May 3 2021

The Story Comes Alive

April 28 2021

The Most Important Question

February 25 2021

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Risk and return go hand in hand.

February 1 2021

The Game Never Stops

The investing game, the REAL game, never stops. 

January 14 2021

You've Got Mail

Tips on how to not let doomsayers sway you from your investing goals.

January 5 2021

2021 "Outlook"

A framework for 2021.

November 23 2020

Being Thankful

Giving thanks and lingering in small moments. 

November 2 2020

The Investors Gambit

Inspired by the Netflix show "The Queens Gambit" - the lessons investors can learn from Beth Harmon.

October 14 2020

Reasons to Sell

Six instances when investors should consider selling assets from a long-term diversified portfolio. You may be surprised!

September 15 2020

Stock Market Lessons from 2020

There are lessons we learned from the market during this crisis but they pale in comparison to lessons we learned about ourselves. 

August 4 2020

Investing in Education

Providing clients the the right financial education requires creativity and perseverance.

July 9 2020

What Keeps Me Up At Night?

Build a plan, have a goal, find someone to talk you through the tough times, then spend your days doing what you love and ignoring the noise.

June 16 2020

Not A Recovery, A Revival

"Help us be a part of this revival, not recovery, so that going forward our nation (and economy) is better for every single person."

May 7 2020

Grading My Actions

As a market strategist in Baird’s Private Wealth Division. Michael spends his entire life in investing. How did he fare over the past two months? 

Apr 1 2020

Just Show Up

Sharing words of wisdom from Baird's Chairman and former CEO and President, Paul Purcell, who recently passed away at the age of 73. 

Mar 25 2020

Lessons Learned From a Basement

Focus on what you can control. 

Mar 16 2020

When Will the Market Bottom?

What the scenario might look like.

Mar 10 2020

Serious Times

"This is our time to shine, all of us at Baird, and we won’t let our clients down."

Mar 3 2020

A Front Row Seat to History

What you see in front of you is not permanent. 

Feb 28 2020

It's OK To Be Human

The S&P 500 is down over 13% this week. The fastest 10% correction in history.

Feb 24 2020

Pondering a Selloff

"Now is a good time to remind you that 'goals-based investing' is crucial to your success." Yes! Yes! Yes! 

Feb 19 2020


Commentary on current market frustrations like the lack of sellers and uncertainty with China.

Feb 4 2020

Wait What?

Why is Michael Antonelli, Baird’s Private Wealth Management Market Strategist, scratching his head? 

Jan 27 2020

True Risk

"Did a single strategist write about a viral outbreak originating in the 6th largest city in China posing a threat to a tentative global economic recovery? Of course not, but that’s TRUE risk."

Jan 17 2020

There is No Magic 8 Ball

Train rides through the Alps and the Stock Market have a few things in common right now; they're both gentle, plodding, and peaceful.

Jan 7 2020

Some Things Never Change

"The problem with early year fund flows is they can run out or get scared out of the market by something that TRULY matters."

Dec 30 2019

2020 and Beyond

“...more people wake up trying to make the World better than make it worse and that, my friends, is worth investing in."

Dec 19 2019

The Force

Star Wars Episode 9 premieres today. Come learn how investors were a lot like Jedi's in 2019.

Dec 3 2019

That Time of Year

Trade war headlines. Like Phil Connors in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania we are never going to escape this story. 

Nov 21 2019

Green Like Baby Yoda

Talkin' stocks and feeling global growth has likely bottomed.  

Nov 18 2019

The Decade

Nearing the first decade in U.S. history without a recession. What does the next decade hold? What‘s the most important thing, as an investor, to know?

Oct 23 2019

Yacht Rock

A casual chat about music and Behavioral Finance by Michael Antonelli and John Taft, Vice Chairman of the Board.

Oct 21 2019

Maximum Frustration

Sideways markets, among other interesting things...

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