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Career Change or New Job

Client Centered

Services As You Transition

* Evaluating stock options

* Evaluating 401(k) rollover options

* Assistance with reviewing options you have regarding your retirement plans

* Assistance with assessing your current financial situation and future goals

* Understanding and making decisions on group benefits and severance package items

* Understanding how this change impacts your future

Helping You Navigate the Complexities of Executive Compensation

Executive compensation serves as an important wealth-building tool. We'll work together to optimize your package and provide recommendations on items such as:

* deferred compensation

* qualified and non-qualified savings plans

* stock options

* pre-IPO or restricted stock

Whether you’re an executive at a Fortune 500 Company or you own your own business, executive compensation plans can often serve as the cornerstone of a sound retirement plan.

We'll outline your options and incorporate our agreed upon recommendations in your financial plan. 

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