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Truly an honor to support the Public Education Foundation, leaders in student-centered innovation, driving unique and enriching educational opportunities for students in Southwestern Indiana.


Investing in Our Community

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We are overjoyed with the stories that are being shared and the people that we are getting to meet and connect with on this journey. THANK YOU to Kim Schultz, who made the decision to invest in downtown Newburgh yesterday. Her story is what this is all about!!!

“As an Evansville native, I’ve long appreciated what Newburgh has to offer. But, never truly realized it until I lived away. After attending college out of town and living away 10 years, I returned home nearly 20 years ago.

My love of all things small town was cultivated while living in a charming Chicago suburb. My husband and I chose a 1910 “tear down” as our first home. We lovingly salvaged and adored our little cottage 2 blocks from Main Street. The town had a quaint and vibrant downtown with picturesque streets, small locally-owned businesses and a strong, thriving community.

Yesterday, my family enjoyed sitting outside The Refinery on a beautiful night, listening to the wedding band playing next door and watching the sunset. For the first time since moving back I felt that “feeling” again. The hustle of a community. Friends grabbing take-out ice cream, diners in several restaurants, a wine fest, walkers and shoppers.

My husband shared the kickstarter video with me this morning. I had no idea. I knew immediately I needed to be a part of this “project”, to help provide a place for residents of all ages to meet, where the community comes together and businesses flourish.” 

-- Kim Schultz, Baird, A Baird Company

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