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You May Need a Certified Divorce Finance Analyst (CDFA®)

As a CDFA®, I work alongside clients who seek a financial advocate throughout and after their divorce process. A divorce can be the largest financial transaction in a person's life. Our services include, but are not limited to, working with you, your attorney and accountants to:

     * Present a clear financial assessment, current and future

     * Help understand the financial implications of different settlements 

     * Guiding decision making financially vs. emotionally

     * Limiting tax liabilities

We're advocates on your behalf, always, While we don't provide tax or legal advice, we analyze the data and provide litigation support to your attorney and accountant. The analysis helps support your financial position in the case settlement. We'll forecast the long-term effects of various divorce settlement options, including potential tax liabilities and benefits.

Using a CDFA® can reduce your divorce expenses and bring the peace of mind that comes from a better understanding of your finances.



Our Role

   Valuation of assets and liabilities 

   Estimate of immediate needs

   Statement of net worth 

   Realistic budget

   Provide Recommendations 


   Ability to negotiate more effectively

   Settlement reviewed by an independent party

   Save money and time on financial review 

   Receipt of various settlement options to review

Need an attorney, mediator, or divorce therapist?

We can recommend one.

During Divorce

During Divorce

Our Role

   Settlement analysis and review

   Estimate maintenance needs 

   Analyze long term cash flow and net worth 

   Develop alternate settlement proposals, as necessary 


   Limit tax liabilities

   Ensure both long and short term needs are addressed

   Provide expert financial advice in emotional times

   Advise on retirement plans 

   Transfer business interests 

   Compare taxes property and/or investment transfers

Divorce Changes Everything

It's time to start planning your next chapter.

Post Divorce

Post Divorce

Our Role

   Ensure assets transfer per settlement

   Design an investment strategy based upon your goals

   Budget, monitor and update your financial plan 

   Assist with restructuring your will or trust

   Review and update beneficiaries

   Evaluate tax liabilities 


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*This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of divorce procedures or of potential tax implications. Every person’s situation is unique, and we always advise seeking the services of a qualified tax preparer on tax issues.

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