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Finance for the Greater Good

For 35+ years, people have trusted John Taft's perspective on the financial industry.

John serves as Baird's Vice Chairman and a member of the firm's Executive Committee. 

"The ultimate purpose of Finance is to improve people's lives. We should never lose sight of that."

April 30 2021

A Better Way to Democratize Finance

Innovative way to overcome barriers to broader and more financially meaningful employee stock ownership

March 30 2021

It's Time to Take Action on Climate Finance

The planet's single most pressing existential imperative – transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

January 29 2021

A Bubble's a Brewin'...But Not the One You Think

The only way out is to grow the economy.

November 24 2020

Charting a Course for the Future of Finance

To effect change, one must take action.

October 21 2020

How to Hedge a Swan's Tail

Explores options for Fixed Income replacement to avoid selling assets in a down market. 

September 4 2020

Small Business Capital Lifelines are Fraying

During a time of unprecedented societal disruption, providers for capital of small- and minority-owned businesses are at risk.

August 12 2020

Building a Structure for Digital Success

Using technology to adapt without sacrificing the important personal nature of relationships.

July 8 2020

Innovating the U.S. National Debt: "Trills" to the Rescue?

Congress has authorized $2 trillion+ in fiscal stimulus spending with no identified revenue sources – in addition to a previously estimated $1 trillion budget deficit in 2020. Another $1 trillion in stimulus could be on the way.

June 9 2020

Would You Hire This Man Today?

Our industry values different types of diversity than in the past – like gender and ethnic diversity – both much-needed given the increasingly diverse clients we serve. 

May 26 2020

Where Will The Next Generation of Financial Advisors Come From?

The biggest crisis facing our industry – an impending wave of financial advisor retirements anticipated in the next decade.  

Apr 24 2020

This Time is Different

Why the current market isn't like 2008.

Apr 1 2020

This Is It

If extreme times reveal core values and crises reveal character, the COVID-19 pandemic may be one of the single most important moments future leaders will ever experience.

Feb 27 2020

Government Policy: The Lever that Moves Financial Markets

Uncertainty and almost continuous regulatory change are among the most important factors influencing business fortunes today.

Jan 29 2020

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Nearly half of working-age households in the U.S. may not be able to maintain their lifestyle in retirement. What the SECURE Act can and can’t do. 

Dec 11 2019

Warriors for Opportunity

"Capitalism alone can't fix society. ... Morals have to come first ... based on the sense of social solidarity ... a sense that we are, in fact, our brother's keeper."

Nov 14 2019

Financial Innovation ... for What and for Whom, Exactly?

Does the world really need another cryptocurrency?

Sep 26 2019

Missing the Point?

How Private Equity Investment in Wealth Management Could Be Bad for Clients

Aug 14 2019

Are You a "Neuro Fiduciary?"

"Do people learn to serve as fiduciaries through education, coaching, experience and working with clients – or are we hardwired to be good fiduciaries? Or bad ones?"

July 15 2019

Philanthropy Humbugs?

Why Some Acts of Charity Draw Criticism

June 12 2019

Getting it Right

SEC's New Rule Protects Investors While Preserving Choice

May 30 2019

The Brave New World of "Bio Bonds."

Finding ways to combine targeted impact with manageable risk is likely to be the next big wave in socially responsible investing.

May 8 2019

Is Finance a Profession?

What Distinguishes a Profession?

Apr 3 2019

A Breath of Fresh Air

Two Financial Services Regulators Planning to Cooperate for Individual Investors and Advisors 

Mar 13 2019

Ockham's Razor and the Illusion of Complexity

"Keep it simple....Simplicity is the cornerstone of intelligent investing."

Feb 5 2019

A High Stakes Trade off for Investors

Protection vs. Privacy

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