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Sudden Wealth - Inheritance

Client Centered

Now What?

Financial mismanagement is natural with sudden wealth. It's often life-changing. You may have feelings of anxiety, stress, indecision and fear. This is normal.

Take the time to assemble your trusted team of experts. They'll alleviate most, if not all, of your concerns and provide clarity on how to preserve and manage your newfound wealth.

We have created an individualized process which addresses 13 Wealth Management Issues. There are many legal, financial, and tax implications surrounding sudden wealth and/or inheritances.

I'll work closely with our in-house experts and your tax and legal advisors. If you don’t have other advisors, I'm happy to make recommendations. 

The 13 Issues
A New Path

A New Path

Your roadmap may be changing. You'll likely have questions.

Should you invest, save, purchase, or pay off debt?

How does this windfall affect your future?

Can you retire earlier? 

How do you balance capital preservation while generating income and growth?

How should you title the funds? 

What's the taxable impact, if any?

Can you utilize funds in a trust? Are there stipulations?

Financial Planning

Take Time to Plan

Discipline Will Serve You Well

Top 10 Guiding Principles

Top 10 Guiding Principles

  1. Resolve Taxes
  2. Know the Pitfalls
  3. Consider Financial Goals and Invest Accordingly
  4. Assess Your Retirement Contributions
  5. Invest for the Long Term
  6. Establish Estate Planning
  7. Take Your Time
  8. Don't Go It Alone
  9. Stay Informed
  10. Do What's Right For You

Have Questions? I'm Happy to Help.

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