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Weekly Market Notes | Nov 11 2019

Stock Market Rally Gains Support

The S&P 500 posting its fifth consecutive weekly gain and finishing the week at a new record high. Increased investor optimism could leave stocks vulnerable to negative news reactions, but broad rally participation could provide support.

Weekly Market Notes | Nov 04 2019

Equity Markets Rallied for the Fourth Week in a Row 

The Fed lowered the fed funds target rate by 25 basis points for the third time this year. Historically, three rate cuts by the Federal Reserve has found stocks higher 12 months later.

Week in Review | Nov 01 2019

Fed Cuts, Employment Remains Strong

The Fed cut rates again, as expected, and signaled a pause until meaningful changes in inflation. In the US China trade war, China officials raised doubts about signing a long-term trade deal. Friday’s employment and ISM data indicate the economy is still expanding.

Bull & Baird Blog | Oct 29 2019

New Highs 2.0

Why is the market at a new all time high when everything feels like a goat rodeo?

Weekly Market Notes | Oct 28 2019

Equity Markets Rallied for the Third Week in a Row

Growing evidence that the global economy is stabilizing, which is being reflected in many foreign stock markets hitting new 52-week highs in October.

Week in Review | Oct 28 2019

A Break From Trade War Chatter as Earnings Chug On

It was a busy week for corporate earnings, but stocks meandered as hopes for a Brexit deal faded. China rhetoric was at a minimum with a positive development in the trade war on Friday. The S&P 500 ended up 1.2% up from last week.

Bull & Baird Blog | Oct 21 2019

Maximum Frustration

Sideways markets, among other interesting things...

Weekly Market Notes | Oct 21 2019

Equity Markets Gained Modestly

The focus of attention, as we move deeper into the fourth quarter, will be on the Federal Reserve, corporate earnings and expectations for the traditional year-end rally in stocks. 

Economic Insights | Oct 2019

Learning to Eat Ground Glass

The Federal Reserve actions and interest rates have not gone as predicted by many economists and analysts. We examine what went wrong and where we go from here.

Baird's Weekly Market Notes | Oct 14 2019

October Secured Reputation as the Most Volatile Month for Equities

Stocks broke a three-week losing streak last week. The market will continue to weigh a trade deal versus a trade war as well as recession versus steady growth.

Week in Review | Oct 14 2019

The 3-mo / 10-mo Treasury Curve No Longer Inverted

Stocks on the upswing. 0.7% gain in the S&P 500 by the close of a volatile week. Small cap stocks in the US were strong as well, although global stocks were the real standouts.

Chart of the Week | Oct 9 2019

Total Shareholder Yield

For decades, companies primarily returned profits through dividends. Today, companies are returning more profit to shareholders than ever before, but utilizing a different method to do so: the share buyback.

Baird's Weekly Market Notes | Oct 7 2019

Noisy Headlines Fueling Volatility

Volatility in October could yield to a more constructive backdrop for stocks in the fourth quarter if recent tests of support in the financial market can be maintained and the consumer can remain resilient.

Week in Review | Oct 7 2019

Stocks Down Again

Third straight week. Amid a trade war, impeachment inquiry, and generally uninspiring economic results, we may still see the Q4 bump investors hope for, but it may be a rockier road than usual to get there.

Chart of the Week | Oct 1 2019

What Glitters May Not Be Gold

A depiction of very different potential lifestyle results from a theoretical investment of $100,000 thirty years ago.

Baird's Weekly Market Notes | Sept 30 2019

Where Do We Go From Here?

The equity markets declined last week with trade war concerns, mixed economic news as well as political concerns.

Week in Review | Sept 30 2019

Politics, Politics, Politics

The S&P 500 fell 1% last week, which was still better than US small caps and emerging markets. Developed international stocks outpaced the S&P for a fourth week in a row. Gold posted its worst week of 2019. 

Sector Inspector | Sept 27 2019

Forward Earnings within a Fair Value Range

Our Macro Framework for US Markets and Why We Like Healthcare, Financials & Energy.

Chart of the Week | Sept 25 2019

Is a Recession Inevitable?

25 years of quarterly Australian GDP growth to present our view that a recession may not be inevitable just because it seems due. ISR making the argument against the certainty of a recession. 

Week in Review | Sept 23 2019

The FOMC cut its target range for the Federal Funds Rate by 25 bps on Wednesday

In general, we see the market as largely fixated on a single issue: global trade. Stocks ambled to moderate losses last week, with most of the price action coming after the Fed’s decision to cut rates on Wednesday.

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