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Coronavirus-Related Distributions

CARES Act Allows Tax-Favored Treatment for IRA Owners Adversely Affected

2020 Tax Facts

Tax Rates, Brackets and Limits

2020 IRA Rollover Flowchart

Impact of the Most Recent Updates to CARES Act

SAMPLE Tax Analysis Review

2019 Income Tax Review for AVERAGE Income Client

SAMPLE Tax Analysis Review

2019 Income Tax Review for HIGH INCOME Client

SAMPLE Tax Analysis Review

2019 Income Tax Review for LOW INCOME Client

SAMPLE Roth Conversion Tax Analysis

Varying Assumptions and Scenarios

SAMPLE Capital Gain Tax Analysis

Varying Assumptions and Scenarios 

Tax Treatment of Bond Premium and Discount

Summary Chart

Buying Bonds Above or Below Par Value Creates a Variety of Tax Issues

Capital Loss Limitations and Carryovers

Taxpayer Relief for Capital Losses Realized on Taxable Investments

Capital Gain Exclusion from Sale of Residence

Law Change Reduced Record Keeping Requirements

ROTH IRA Conversions

Advantages and Considerations


Estate Planning Checklist

Important Documents and Materials 

Estate Planning Under the SECURE Act

Loss of Stretch RMD for Non-Spousal Beneficiaries

Qualified Disclaimers

Transfers Property Otherwise Passing to the "Disclaimant"

Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT)

One of the Best Estate Planning Strategies Available to Higher Net Worth Families

Durable Power of Attorney (POA)

How They Work and Why You Need One

Estate Planning Basics

Basic Components and Other Planning Steps

Special Needs Trust

Coordinating Government Benefits with Family Resources

Wills in Estate Planning

The Most Basic Tool of Estate Planning

Charitable Remainder Trusts

How Charitable Remainder Trusts Work

Transfer on Death (TOD)

Summary of TOD Agreements and the Benefits

State Death Taxes

State by State Breakdown of Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Choosing a Trustee

To Manage Your Legacy 

Basic Credit Shelter Planning for Married Couples

The A/B Trust is the Choice for Wealthier Couples

Joint Account Titling

A Well-Crafted Estate Plan can be Undone by Improper Titling of Assets


Back to School During COVID

Reassessing your Education Funding Goals

10 Tips for Smarter 529 Distributions

Have More Than One 529 per Child? 

Repaying Your Student Loans

Repaying Your Federal Student Loans

529 Distribution Planning

Things to Consider Before Taking a Withdrawal From Your 529 College Savings Plan

Coverdell Basics

Education Savings Account

529 Plan FAQs

Education Planning

Student Financial Aid

Which Financial Aid is Best to Accept First?

Financial Aid

Grants, Loans, Scholarships

Qualifying for Financial Aid

Understanding the Cost of Attendance and the Expected Family Contribution

529 Distribution Planning

Avoid the Mistake of Paying Unnecessary Taxes or Penalties on Your Withdrawals

Education Funding and Divorce

Important Questions to Answer During a Divorce

Advisor 529 vs. Direct 529

With 100+ Plans to Choose From, Which is Right for You?

529 State Tax Deductions

Tax Benefits vary by State, But There's More to Consider

How Covid-19 May Be Impacting Your Education Plan

The Most Important Changes To Be Aware Of 


Retirement Savings Illustration

Saving Early is Vital

Planning Opportunities in a Volatile Market and Low Interest Rate Environment

A Deeper Dive into Financial and Estate Planning Considerations

Financial Planning and COVID-19

The Impact to Taxes, Student Loans and Social Security

ROTH IRA Conversions

Advantages and Considerations

Smart Debt Management

Six Tips for Keeping Your Debt in Check

Long Term Care Factors

Four Factors to Consider

Long Term Care Products

Three Product Choices

Long Term Care Insurance

How it Works

Early Withdrawal Strategy Using 72(t)

From Retirement Accounts Without the 10% Penalty

Cost of Medicare

Various Scenarios, Enrollment Periods and Varying Aspects

A Guide to Understanding Medicare

Comprehensive Overview of Key Components

Choosing the Most Appropriate Pension Distribution

Common Options, Pros and Cons

Understanding the Key Risks in Retirement

Nothing Unfamiliar but the Impact May Be Much Greater

SAMPLE Social Security Break-Even Analysis

Early vs. Delayed Claiming of Benefits

Health Savings Accounts

Unique Strategy to Offset the Rising Costs of Health Care

New Laws & Amendments

2020 IRA Rollover Flowchart

Impact of the Most Recent Updates to CARES Act

Highlights of the CARES Act

Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act

Highlights of the CARES Act

8 Key Aspects 

Small Business Owner Solutions Under COVID-19

The CARES Act, Introduced in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Highlights of the SECURE Act

Retirement Savers and Beneficiary Designation Complexities

Coronavirus Related Distributions

A New Source of Cash for Those Impacted by COVID-19

60-Day Rollover Rule

Strategies to Consider in Response to the CARES Act

IRS Notice 2020-51

Rollover Relief for Required Minimum Distributions Waived Under the CARES Act

Charitable Giving

Charitable Income Tax Deduction Ordering Rules

For those making Multiple Types of Gifts

Charitable Remainder Trusts

How Charitable Remainder Trusts Work

CARES Act Charitable Giving

Charitable Deductions in 2020

Philanthropy - Charitable Giving For Us All

Ways to Gift for Impact While Being Mindful of Tax Consequences

Planned Giving Comparison

Appropriate Entity for Your Personal and Charitable Goals

Donor Advised Funds

Grant-Making and Tax Benefits of a Private Foundation, but Without Administrative Burden

Eight Tips for Deducting Charitable Contributions

Ensure Your Contributions Pay Off on Your Tax Return

Charitable Endowment Funds

Gifting with a Purpose

Executive Benefits

SAMPLE Stock Option Analysis

Required Information

Baird Clients Receive a Complimentary Analysis

Tax Treatment of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

RSUs Reward Key Employees but Require Tax Explanation

Stock Option Swap

Acquire Company Shares Without Use of Cash

Small Business

Small Business Owner Solutions Under COVID-19

Economic Relief to Affected Small Business Owners

Business Loans Under the CARES Act

Now is the Time to Act

Simplified Employee Pension SEP IRA 2020

Low Cost Alternative to a Profit Sharing Plan

Retirement Plan Contribution Limits 2020

Limits and Thresholds 2020 vs. Prior Years

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